About Ben

With a degree in classical singing as a baritone from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, music has always been a huge passion of mine, and I enjoy a career as a classical singer, performing with choirs around the UK and as a soloist for choirs and orchestras. During my four years of study in Wales, I was able to explore my passion for photography and began providing headshots, concert, and promotional material photography services for my peers as a small business.

Now based in Salisbury, but primarily working in London, I have had the pleasure of merging my passions by working as a freelance classical singer, photographer, audio engineer, and videographer. My experience as a musician, and my connections within the music industry, have allowed me to specialize in concert and musician photography, but I also provide photography services to a wide variety of other markets.

Combining Skills

As a freelance photographer and professional classical singer, I bring a unique perspective and understanding to my photography specialism – capturing the essence of musicians and stage performances. With my background in music, I have a keen eye for capturing the drama and emotion of a live performance. I know the perfect angles and moments to take the shots, resulting in evocative photographs that truly convey the passion and energy of the event.

From capturing the intensity of a soloist to the energy of an orchestra, my goal is to create visually stunning images that truly capture the essence of the performance. If you’re looking for a photographer who truly understands the nuances of a live performance, look no further and get in touch with us for your next concert.


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